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Today is 05 January 05. If you know me, you know that I'm pretty superstitious. I like the number five. It's not like the number three, but I like it.

So, I've made my mind that I'd had to restart the comic sooner than I expected, and today seemed a good day. Not like 03 January 03, but it wasn't available anymore.

All of this to introduce the new Sinner Dragon's chapter. I know that I'll regret it, having started before finishing the whole story, when I'll have to procrastinate, and procrastinate and then again... but I really missed my creature.

So, more or less every wednesday, Sinner Dragon will be here again.

As ever, give me comments if you want, and beat me with a stick for my grammatical errors. I'm here to learn.

Have fun.

No Tears (for the creatures of the night)
Sometimes they deserve it, sometimes they don't...
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